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We are meeting the high school students this week!

We are very excited this week since we are meeting the compositions students at Bodø Videregående for the first time! We will talk about our collaboration and how we can create music together through digital channels. I, Birgit, is in Oslo and Ásbjörg is in Hafnarfirði, and the high school students are in Bodø, so we will have a video call. In February we will all meet in Bodø, but until then we have to figure out ways to prepare through different channels.

On Friday Ásbjörg and I had a video call to prepare the meeting. We are very happy to collaborate with someone in Bodø. It's an important part of OUTPOST to not only create an outpost where we from the outside can use, but that is actually rooted in Bodø! It's also great to meet high school students and hear from them their thoughts and ideas regarding composition and performing. We look forward to learning from each other!

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