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RECIPE - how to compose a piece for OUTPOST

Ásbjörg and I have created a recipe for how one can compose a piece for OUTPOST. It's only five steps and you will end up with a text score. The reason we made this was so that the high school students in Bodø could easily compose pieces for our concert in February.

We have chosen to use text score as our format for the pieces. This way any one, even if you're not really good at reading sheet music, can join in. One shall also not use an exact instrumentation, but write for a number of instruments or voices. This way the pieces can be played by any ensembles, and by all the student.

(Picture of the recipe. You can see the whole recipe at the bottom of this post)

One of the main purposes of OUTPOST is to be an inclusive project. We hope that this recipe will contribute to that. Many people experience contemporary music as snobbish. One often hears that "I don't understand it". By making such a recipe we hope that it will include more people into one process of creating contemporary art.

The two last pages of the recipe are two pieces written by Ásbjörg and me. We used the recipe, and created quite different pieces. We hope that we can premiere them in Bodø in February.

I will travel to Bodø and have a workshop with the high school students in January. I am really looking forward to meeting them and working with them. We will then start to compose by using this recipe.

Here is the sheet music:

Download PDF • 137KB


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