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Here you can find the pieces that are a part of OUTPOST I. We are learning as we go, experimenting on our way. The goal is not to end up somewhere, but to say something along the way. 

The pieces are available below, but also at our playlist on youtube: 


DIFFERENT NOSTALGIAS is a piece created by Ásbjörg Jónsdóttir. She has collected recordings from the students in MD2A. They were asked to record a sound from their childhood.


SOUNDS BETWEEN LIFE AND LESSONS is a piece created by Ásbjörg Jónsdóttir. 

The piece is about finding time in your everyday. 


DISTRACTIONS is a piece in three parts. It is written by both Birgit Djupedal and Ásbjörg Jónsdóttir, and they are also performing it. 

The piece is about all the little distractions in life, something we all have experienced more off since the beginning of the pandemic. 

ON MY WAY v. 2

ON MY WAY is a piece composed and performed by Birgit Djupedal. 

The footage is from Bodø the Hague and Hafnarfirði. 

The melody the piece is based on is a hymn Birgit wrote a few years ago. She wanted to explore how music can be reused and given new meanings. 



WHAT'S IN MY HOME was the first piece we made for OUTPOST. It has three parts showing the process in how the piece came to be. The piece was made so that one can both perform it live, but also easily make version though you live far away from each other.

Part one is made with recordings by the students in MD2A. Part two is telling the idea behind the piece, and in part three you can hear a version Birgit and Ásbjörg made together. 

RECIPE is a guideline to how one can compose a piece for OUTPOST. It's only in five steps. Birgit and Ásbjörg created this so that the high school students in Bodø can easily compose pieces for our concert in February.


At the end of the recipe are also two pieces by us called "That was a terrible video chat" and "Noticing my almost unconscious gestures". The pieces can be used as examples of what the result can be when using the recipe. 

Press the pdf-symbol below to see the RECIPE and pieces. 


Skjermbilde 2020-12-18 kl. 14.45.02.png


You can also check out more of Birgit and Ásbjörg music here: 

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