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OUTPOST is a project that expands with two artists each year, one Norwegian and one Icelander. The project will also collaborate with a local group of youths or children every year. 

The artists of 2020:

Birgit Djupedal

Ásbjörg Jónsdóttir

The local artists:

MD2A at Bodø High School

Karstein Djupdal, composition teacher


Birgit m_farge forslag 2.jpg

Birgit Djupedal (1994-) is a Norwegian composer/performer. She grew up in Bodø. Her musical education started at the local music school where she learnt piano, and then continued at Bodø Videregående. There she took organ and singing lessons. She moved to Trondheim to study musicology and church music, and then to Reykjavík to study master in composition. 


Djupedal’s music has been performed at Festspillene i Bergen, Norsk salmefestival, Nordland musikkfestuke, Trondheim kammermusikkfestival, Ultima, Sumartónleikar í Skálholti (IS) og Vaka Þjóðlistahátið (IS), Óperudagar í Reykjavík (IS), shown on RÚV, Icelandic television and been a part of The European Year of Cultural Heritage.

As well as being a composer, she is educated as an producer and has led many musical projects from idea to concert. She is, together with Ásbjörg, the artistic director and producer of Icelands oldest musical festival Skálholt Summer Concerts. 

Birgit enjoys being a part of the whole process of her music, from idea, then creating and often also performing. She started this project to create a space, an outpost, where composer/performers could do just this as well as share the whole process with each other. 


Skjermbilde 2020-09-23 kl. 13.49.54.png

Ásbjörg Jónsdóttir (1988- ) is an Icelandic composer, pianist and jazz vocalist. She received her BA in composition from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2014 and her MA in composition from the same institution in 2018. Jónsdóttir is engaged with various musical activities. In addition to her composition career, she conducts a children's choir and teaches music theory. Her music has been performed by established groups and performers, such as; Duo Harpverk, Elektra Ensemble, Dómkórinn í Reykjavík (Reykjavík Cathedral Choir), Caput, Hljómeyki and Heiða Árnadóttir.


Jónsdóttir has also worked on other musical projects such as recordings, arrangements and musical research.She is currently working on a research project about jazz in Iceland in collaboration with Þorbjörg Daphne Hall. Jónsdóttir published a book with 12 new songs for children's choir in April 2019.

​Ásbjörg is the artistic director and producer, together with Birgit, at the oldest musical festival in Iceland, Skálholt Summer Concerts. 


An important part of OUTPOST is to work with youths and children in Bodø and the surrounding area. In 2020 and 2021 we are so lucky to collaborate with the class MD2A which are high school students at the music department at Bodø High School.


There is 23 students in the class, and they are in second grade. This is their first year with composition classes. Many of them have composed or arranged music before, and some have never done that. They have two hours a week in composition. All of them are also performers, playing more than one instrument. 

List of the students:

Mathilde Haanes, Aileen Knutsen, Darrow Vinogradov, Joakim Nordvik, Martin Tan, Nicolai Braüner Schmidt, Mathilde Torgersen, Ingrid Gerhardsen, Thomas Viksaas, Henrik Kvandal Hausmann, Andreas Mareliussen, Daniel Daliva Vårem, Jacob Vold, Malin Bergholt, Mathilde Andersen, Pernille Rørvik Nilsen, Gina Valebrokk, Nora Diana Johnsen, Nora Sørensen, Ane Nilsen, Jostein Løvstad Utgård, Emma Skjerpan Snoen, Embla Gluggvasshaug.

Here is the music departments homepage:




Karstein Djupdal is a composer and pianist from the northern part of Norway. He is also a teacher in composition, piano and music theory at Bodø High School, and he teaches MD2A in composition.


Karstein's education is from University of Agder, Conservatorium Maastricht, Grieg Academy, and the Norwegian Academy of music.

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